Expanding digital banking portals

ICESTAT is dedicated to the exploration of digital banking and transactions environments for the purpose of simplifying the data environment without exposing bank customers to any risk of identification. The benefits to corporate and business account holders include direct access to accurate market share and performance metrics, the incorporation of external data specific to their sector or business, and a wide range of market research and survey data. The primary benefit to data providers and developers is immediate access to a large volume of potential customers.

ICESTAT Bank-Powered Market Intelligence from ICESTAT on Vimeo.

Empower your customers

Online banks can provide more information than just the internal financial situation of individual business account holders. A metric useful for most businesses is daily market share which can be generated using transaction feeds aggregated from banks worldwide. Businesses can monitor their performance against the category, the category against the sector and the condition of the economic region simply by signing into the online bank.

Instant self-sustainability

Expanding online banking portals into the data intelligence realm using a subscription model is strategically sound. The large customer base makes it possible to reduce the subscription price far below that of any external report or data provider for high conversion. The net revenue stream can finance the entire digital banking department and leave a surplus that positively impacts bank overall profitability and operating efficiency.

Regulatory compliance

No identifiable data is used to generate performance metrics which ensures compliance with the strictest data protection and privacy regulations. The only information captured is the business category and postal code within each country. To prevent a business from inferring competitor performance, data from at least five comparable businesses within the same region must be available for metrics to be generated and made available.

The ICESTAT identity

ICESTAT is owned and operated by Snorri H. Gudmundsson, MBA and experienced digital banking consultant. The operating model is based on vertical alliances with leading hardware and software firms and marketing agencies which accelerates growth and establishes a strong and reliable performance chain. The objective is to establish a powerful interbank data communications environment that services businesses worldwide.