Common-metrics market reader

Build models based on any data that update automatically in near-real time.

Obtaining the data

Anyone can safely trade data on this platform as personal information is encrypted using blockchain technology. The implications are considerable.

Incorporating the data

The data is automatically brought to common metrics for direct incorporation into any type of model at very high frequency and granularity.

Solving linked problems

Data-sharing practices of digital giants is damaging B2C and B2B relationships and are triggering regulatory actions. Both issues can be resolved simultaneously and permanently.

Powering efficient solutions

Trading or incorporating data has never been easier, faster or more reliable, especially as both data suppliers and users are protected using decentralized blockchain technology.

Common Metrics Assimilator

Build any model you want using any data. The CMA automatically converts it into common metrics, rendering the result accurate, reliable and relevant.

Floating Matrix Correlator

Correlations are not constant; they change over time. The FMC monitors these fluctuations and brings predictive analysis to an entirely different level.