Shape the future the way you want

Anyone that knows when and to what extent one event influences another can successfully run a corporation or hedge fund. Very few can truly see the butterfly effect and take advantage of it. DACE gives you that ability.

Businesses with multiple outlets

Your predictive ability is enhanced by incorporating our external feeds into your projection models. These feeds range from financial, economic and marketing data to meteorology, biology and cosmic radiation.

Our dashboards reveal how they impact your business so that you can react to future events.

Cross-border business cooperation

Take advantage of future opportunities. Our DACE platform facilitates real-time sharing of information in a secure environment. You specify how you want the framework constructed and we deliver the dashboards.

Dashboards come armed with the feeds you specify so that you construct any model.

Universities and research agencies

You compile terabytes of data each year which remains locked inside your institutions. With DACE, which you can use for free provided that certain conditions are met, that data can be used internally or made available to the market.

Your main purpose it to generate models. We deliver the data used to drive them.

Accountancies and legal practices

Deliver results to your customers as automatically updated models. Instead of sending a report or spreadsheet, build models in DACE and turn customers into subscribers. The work you do for them today will take them forward.

Once you have built the base model, it can easily be adjusted to individual customers.