What this environment delivers

Your exact position against comparable businesses in your region with perfect synchronization to other high-frequency feeds. The performance of one sector against another within the same region, other regions or worldwide. Rapid response to changing market conditions - financial, environmental or political - by deploying models constructed internally or by leading analysis firms and academic institutions. Complete market view from microbusiness upward.

Interactive expandability

The core metrics provided here are essential for accurately predicting and reacting to future market conditions. A sudden financial, social, political or environmental shock can be quantified and reacted to almost immediately (notably in combination to AI and algorithmic trading). While the ICESTAT core is protected, resulting data streams are available to developers, analysts, researchers and consultants that construct models you have access to and can adapt toward your own objectives.

Common metrics

All data is uniform. Set the dashboard or feed to USD, daily and thousands and all data will conform to that specification. A key driver behind ICESTAT is to eliminate the time currently spent on adapting data from various sources and get to the result as quickly as possible. Once a model or algorithm has been constructed and saved, it updates itself automatically from that point onward. The model output, particularly derivative, user-defined calculations, can furthermore be used to trigger internal systems.

Efficient and addictive

Designed for all businesses regardless of type, size or location, it is simple to use and requires only basic computer skills. Anyone that can operate a smartphone can use it. Advanced users can construct self-executing code triggered by derivative indicators, develop AI-powered bots that generate audiovisual reports upon request, or accurately determine marketing ROI from media advertising using sector-wide data streams. Anyone that has constructed a spreadsheet model will find this environment addictive.

Simple but powerful

Knowing your own market share is fundamental for strategic planning. The faster this metric moves, the more accurate and responsive your plans will be. To reduce unreliable data, participation in this environment is by invitation only. Invitations are issued by ICESTAT or participating entities. If you attend the IIeX conference in Amsterdam February 19 - 20, you can learn more about this initiative directly from platform architect, Snorri H. Gudmundsson. Private meetings are arranged through IIeX.